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About Universallab

Universallab is the most comprehensive material analytical and measuring service provider in Europe.

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The research Partner You Can Rely On


Universallab is headquartered in Switzerland and commits itself to Swiss qualities like innovation, high quality, precision and unmatched reliability.

Our team members bring years of material science experience from leading institutions like EPFL, ETH, Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and RWTH-Aachen.

We offer a one-stop shop for material analytical services for both scientific and industrial research.

  • Professional: True domain experts carry out all your material analytics projects
  • High quality: We control the quality of each project according to Swiss standards
  • Cost effective: We ensure you get the most attractive price
  • Easy to use: We have digitized our entire service process for an intuitive user experience

Here To Find Us

Universallab is located inside of Park Innovaare campus, which is one of the six Swiss innovation parks and committed to enabling deep tech innovations.

Situated in the heart of Canton of Aargau, Universallab boasts a prime location along Switzerland's major thoroughfares. Vibrant economic and lifestyle centers such as Zurich and Basel, along with their international airports, are conveniently accessible in under 45 minutes.

What We Believe

As the reliable research partner, we follow the principles of:

Customer Satisfaction

Customer-oriented is our service philosophy.


We pay close attention to market trends, embrace changes, continuously innovate, break through technical bottlenecks, encourage trial and error, and enhance organizational vitality.


We pursue the ultimate professionalism, paying attention to details, continuously improve the quality of service.


Integrity is the cornerstone of Universallab’s values. Credibility is the foundation for Universallab to become a global leading material analytical service provider.

How We Work

Enable breakthroughs in the field of material science and bring humanity forward.


All advice, experiments and analysis of results are carried out by real experts and qualified labs, not by undertrained students.

High Quality

The service process, sample management and laboratories are managed according to the ISO 17025:2017 and ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems. Universallab is branded with Swiss quality.


Our services are both cost and time efficient. You will have the most attractive price (e.g. TEM analysis is less than 100 EUR/sample) and rapid response of within 24 hour response and an average turnaround time of just 7 days.

Our Lab

More than 500+ analytical techniques were supplied in our labs.