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New Year New Office 2024


A joyous start to the new year on the first day back at work. Received the keys to the new Swiss Innovation Park campus, officially moving into the new area.

Figure 1: The parlor
Figure 2: Building Exterior
Figure 3: Outside the window is a synchrotron radiation source.

The office environment has greatly improved, and the new campus is equipped with cutting-edge experimental facilities, such as clean rooms, chemical laboratories, biological laboratories, and pilot workshops.

Figure 4: Inside the laboratory 1
Figure 5: Inside the laboratory 2
Figure 6: Labs on the left of the corridor, offices on the right

The workspace is well-designed for both work and rest, with offices on the left side of the corridor and laboratories on the right, overlooking Switzerland's synchrotron light source, neutron, proton, and muon sources from the window. The location is uniquely advantageous, adjacent to cutting-edge scientific research and analysis resources.

Figure 7: We offer a one-stop shop for material analytical services for both scientific and industrial research.
Figure 8: Welcome to co-operate with us

Inquiries for collaboration are welcome.