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UniversalLab Bids Farewell to Park Innovaare:deliveryLAB, Embraces New Chapter at Park Innovaare Parkstrasse 1


In the year 2024, UniversalLab embarks on a new journey, officially bidding adieu to its former location at Park Innovaare: deliveryLAB and welcoming a transformative moment by relocating its headquarters to Park Innovaare Parkstrasse 1. This significant decision signifies a pivotal step for the company as it opens doors to a fresh phase of growth.

The choice of the new address at Park Innovaare Parkstrasse 1 not only provides UniversalLab with advanced and spacious office facilities but also aligns with the company's strategic vision for the future. This relocation is not merely a geographical upgrade but a thoughtful decision to accommodate the rapid expansion of teams and business requirements.

Situated in an area teeming with innovation and a technological atmosphere, Park Innovaare Parkstrasse 1 will offer UniversalLab increased opportunities to collaborate closely with neighboring research institutions and innovative enterprises. This strategic relocation underlines UniversalLab's unwavering commitment to strengthening industry-academic research collaboration and driving technological innovation.

The founders of UniversalLab expressed confidence and anticipation about the move, stating, "We are confident and excited about this relocation. The new office environment will provide us with additional resources and support, facilitating our innovation and research efforts. Simultaneously, this marks a significant milestone in achieving our company's strategic goals."

This relocation is a crucial step in UniversalLab's ongoing strategy to expand its business scale and enhance core competencies. The company remains dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to its clients, pushing the boundaries of technological frontiers, and contributing to the sustainable development of the industry.

As UniversalLab embarks on this new journey, we look forward to witnessing their greater success in the new environment, injecting more vitality into technological innovation, and contributing to the industry's sustainable future. In this exciting moment, let us collectively extend our best wishes for UniversalLab's future endeavors, anticipating their continuous creation of brilliant achievements in this new chapter.