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UnversalLab:Pioneering Technological Advancement in Park Innovaare


UnversalLab, headquartered headquartered at Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare, stands as a trailblazer committed to providing cutting-edge non-standard scientific analysis and testing services to global clients. Renowned for its professional, high-quality, and cost-effective analytical services, UnversalLab supports industrial sectors and academic institutions involved in nanotechnology semiconductors, batteries, metals, surface engineering, advanced polymers, and more, simplifying research processes and driving technological progress.


1. The Power of Specialized Technology

UnversalLab's expertise spans a wide range of applications, from elemental and compositional analysis to microscopic characterization, as well as the evaluation of physical, mechanical, and functional properties. This enables UnversalLab to offer comprehensive scientific analysis and testing services, empowering industrial sectors and academic institutions to streamline their research processes and advance technology.

2. Synergies in the Park Innovaare

Choosing to establish its headquarters in the Swiss Innovation Park was not only due to the presence of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and its large research facilities but also because of the dynamic network of like-minded innovators within the park. In this environment, UnversalLab leverages state-of-the-art facilities and collaborates with other technology companies and research institutions, accelerating the pace of research and innovation.

3. Aligned with the Cutting Edge of Technology

As a member of the Park Innovaare, UnversalLab gains access to a vibrant community and cutting-edge resources. This means that the company has the opportunity to stand at the forefront of technological progress, staying abreast of the latest advancements and continuously pushing the boundaries in the field of scientific analysis and testing.

4. Providing Multidisciplinary Solutions for Clients

UnversalLab's specialized technology extends beyond specific fields, offering solutions across various application areas. Whether quantifying and identifying components in recycled products, characterizing complex layers and defects in gallium nitride multilayer films, or providing insightful engineering designs for the materials, mechanical, and electronic industries, UnversalLab delivers comprehensive and cross-disciplinary solutions to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

5. Fostering an Environment for Breakthrough Research and Development

Being part of the Park Innovaare, UnversalLab benefits from an environment that supports breakthrough research and development. The park provides a conducive atmosphere for innovation and experimentation, offering ample support and resources to help companies make significant strides in scientific research and technological innovation.

6. Striving to Propel Technological Progress

UnversalLab's mission is to propel technological progress. Through active participation in the Park Innovaare and collaboration with fellow innovators, UnversalLab is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the technological realm. The company continues to provide innovative scientific analysis and testing services, contributing to the advancement of the entire field of technology.

In summary, UnversalLab demonstrates robust technological prowess and innovative potential within the Park Innovaare. As a leader in technological advancement, we will continue to provide excellent analysis and testing services to clients, contributing to the drive for technological progress. The integration of UnversalLab with the Park Innovaare not only solidifies its significant position in the technology sector but also propels society towards a more technologically advanced future.