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Spherical Aberration Corrected Transmission Electron Microscope ACTEM

Instrument Type:

FEI Theims Z

Analytical Program:

ACTEM analysis (charging per hour) -- Contact us for quotation

STEM high-resolution -- 800 CHF/sample

STEM high-resolution + non atomic resolution EDS -- 1000 CHF/sample

STEM high-resolution + atomic resolution EDS -- 1500 CHF/sample

STEM + HAADF -- 1000 CHF/sample

Others -- Contact us for quotation

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The field emission transmission electron microscope emits electrons with the field emission electron emitter, and controls the electron beam to assemble into a small beam spot through the electromagnetic lens and irradiate the sample. At the same time, the spherical aberration corrector is used to eliminate the spherical aberration in the electromagnetic lens, which can improve the image resolution and analysis ability to the atomic level, and realize the imaging and component analysis of atomic resolution.

Technical specifications

1. Resolution: point resolution 0.11nm, line resolution 0.10nm, scanning transmission image 0.08nm, transmission image 0.19nm.

2. Magnification: scanning transmission image 200 ~ 150,000,000x, transmission image 50 ~ 2,000,000x.

3. Acceleration voltage: 80kV, 200kV.

4. Inclination Angle: X/Y maximum ±25°.

Application range

Test programs: TEM, STEM, EDS, Mapping, SAED, EELS.

ACTEM can be applied to do

1. Morphology observation: 2D microscopic morphological observation of the microstructure of various materials, including powder, nanoparticle morphologies and particle size observations; 3D stereoscopic morphologies can be obtained with 3D reconstruction.

2. - Structural analysis: use selected area electron diffraction, high-resolution transmission images, high-resolution scanning transmission images, etc. to analyse the structure of material.

3. - Component analysis: With the energy spectrometer, point, line, surface, and volume distribution analysis of sample elements can be performed, and an atomic resolution element surface distribution image can be obtained.

Representive Results

1. High resolution atomic imaging:ACTEM single atom imaging and single atom distribution

2. ACTEM atomic imaging and EDS element mapping

3. ACTEM atomic imaging and EDS element mapping
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Sample Requirement

1. Powder sample

Microgrid or ultra-thin carbon film with diameter of 3mm is often used to carry the net, and the appropriate type of carrier net is selected according to the sample particle size.

2. The bulk thinning sample or FIB sample

The bulk thinning sample or FIB sample is a circular or semi-circular sample with a diameter of 3mm.

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