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Atomic Force Microscope AFM

Instrument Type:

Bruker FastScan

Analytical Program:

Contineous material sample -- 70 CHF/Area

Powder/liquid/bio/fiber sample -- 100 CHF/Area

Gradient structure sample -- 120 CHF/Area

Other (mechanical, electrical and magnetic test) -- Contact us for quotation

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1. Surface morphology characterization: Through atomic force microscopy, we can obtain information on the surface morphology of nanometer, polymer, biological, metal, ceramic, and thin-film materials.

2. Height and roughness analysis: The surface roughness information, roughness information, and height information of various materials can be obtained through atomic force microscopy.

3. Properties analysis: The mechanical properties, electrical properties, magnetic properties, frictional force, and impedance properties of materials can be characterized by atomic force microscopy.

Representive Results

1. Caption: Morphology characterization of zero dimensionnanomaterials

2. AFM surface morphology characterization

3.Caption: AFM surface morphology characterization

4. Caption: AFM height profile of 2D nano materials_morphologyand height profile of graphene

5. Caption: AFM height profile

6. Caption: AFM phase map, 3D map, and roughness value ofthin film

7. Caption: AFM roughness measurement

8. AFM mechanical properties characterization: elastic modulusmapping

Sample Requirement

1. Embedded specimens (epoxy resin, bakelite powder, etc.)

Cylindrical, approximately 18-25 mm in diameter and 10mm in height. Cylindrical: diameter 25mm or 32mm, height< 15mm.

2. Block sample

Length, width and height 10 × ten × a 10mmsquare body, or a cylinder with a diameter of 25 or 32mmand a height of 10mm or 15mm.

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