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Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (D-SIMS)

Instrument Type:


Analytical Program:

D-SIMS surface analysis -- 590 CHF/unit

D-SIMS depth profiling (< 1h) -- 590 CHF/unit

ToF-SIMS data analysis -- 150 CHF/unit

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Dynamic SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) is an analytical technique that analyzes the elemental and isotopic composition of solid materials. It uses a primary ion beam to bombard the sample, generating secondary ions that are detected and analyzed by a mass spectrometer. Dynamic SIMS offers high sensitivity, spatial resolution, and depth profiling capabilities, making it useful for a wide range of applications in various fields.

Application range:

It is widely used in semiconductor analysis for assessing elemental composition, impurity levels, and dopant distribution.

In materials science, Dynamic SIMS provides insights into composition, surface properties, and depth profiling of thin films, coatings, and surface layers.

Dynamic SIMS plays a crucial role in geology and earth sciences by determining the elemental and isotopic composition of geological samples, studying rock formation, and analyzing meteorites.

In biology and biomedical research, Dynamic SIMS helps trace isotopic labels, map elemental distribution in biological systems, and study drug metabolism.

Forensic analysis benefits from Dynamic SIMS by analyzing trace elements, isotopic ratios, and elemental profiles in evidence materials.

Archaeology benefits from Dynamic SIMS for determining artifact origins, authenticating historical objects, and analyzing pigments in ancient artwork.

Environmental analysis utilizes Dynamic SIMS to study pollutant distribution, assess contamination levels, and understand pollutant behavior in environmental matrices.

Overall, Dynamic SIMS is a versatile technique that provides valuable insights into elemental composition, impurity levels, surface properties, and depth profiling across various fields of study.

Representive Results

Dynamic SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) and static SIMS (Static Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) are both techniques used for analyzing solid materials.

Dynamic SIMS is well-suited for depth profiling, providing detailed compositional information at different depths. It offers high sensitivity and spatial resolution.

Static SIMS focuses on surface analysis, providing information about the elemental and molecular composition of the top atomic layers of the sample surface. It generally has lower sensitivity compared to dynamic SIMS.

Sample Requirement

50mg of powder sample; The film/block sample is about 1 * 1cm in length and width, with a thickness not exceeding 5mm. It is stored in vacuum and marked clearly on the test surface.

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