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Direct Current DC Resistance Tester

Instrument Type:

TH2516 DC Resistance Meter

Analytical Program:

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DC resistance tester is a kind of electronic test instrument used to measure the resistance value. It can calculate the resistance value of the tested component or circuit through the measurement of current and voltage. The test instrument usually uses DC current for testing, so it is called DC resistance tester. It is widely used in industrial, laboratory and maintenance fields to test the resistancevalues of various electronic components and circuits

Representive Results

1. The audio magnetotelluric response curve is obtained by one-dimensional forward calculation using a DC resistance tester

Sample Requirement

1.The sample should be a part of the component or circuit being tested to ensure that the test result accurately reflects the resistance value of the component or circuit.

2.The sample should be clean, pollution-free and undamaged. Any contamination, oxidation or damage may affect the test results.

3.The connection mode of the sample should be correct and reliable to ensure the accurate transfer of the test current and voltage.

4.Samples should be tested in a suitable temperature range, as temperature changes may also affect test results.

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