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Digital Image Correlation DIC Tensile Test

Instrument Type:

ARAMIS 3D; VIC-2D 400; DaVis 7 Speckle

Analytical Program:

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DIC Strain Experiment is the application of digital imaging technology to material strain experiments. By coating the surface of the tested specimen with high-contrast spots and using a high-resolution camera to track and analyze the spot image, the deformation and strain distribution on the material surface can be observed and measured in real time, thereby obtaining the mechanical property parameters of the material, such as Young's modulus and tensile strength. DIC tensile test can provide full-field measurement and high-resolution data, so it is widely used in the fields of material mechanics, structural engineering, biomedicine, etc.

Representive Results

1. Schematic diagram and actual photos of marking points for measuring crack closure effect

2. Characterization of the shape and size of the plastic zone at the crack tip in pure titanium fatigue crack propagation experiments

3. Local key point strain image

Sample Requirement

1. The length of the sample should be greater than10 times the size resolution

2. The thickness of the sample should be greaterthan 10 times its width

3. The surface treatment method can use methodssuch as grinding and polishing to achieve a certainlevel of surface smoothness

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