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Electron Probe Microanalysis EPMA

Instrument Type:

EPMA-1720; JXA-8530F

Analytical Program:

Qualitative point composition analysis (2 sites) -- 80 CHF/sample

Line composition scanning -- 80 CHF/sample

2D composition mapping -- 165 CHF/sample

Quantitative analysis -- 80 CHF/sample

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Electron Probe X-ray Micro Analyzer (EPMA or EMA) is abbreviated as electron probe. As a powerful analytical instrument developed based on the principles of electron optics and X-ray spectroscopy, it performs microscopic analysis of solid materials through the secondary electrons, backscattered electrons, X-rays and other signals generated by the electron beam acting on the micro area of the sample, including the analysis of the composition, morphology and structure of the micro area.

Representive Results

1. Caption: EPMA point composition analysisEPMA point composition quantitative analysis

2. Caption: EPMA point composition analysisEPMA point composition quantitative analysisCaption: EPMA point composition quantitative analysisApplication 2: EPMA line composition analysis

3. Caption: EPMA line composition analysis

4. Caption: EPMA 2D composition mapping analysis

To learn more about EPMA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_microprobe

Sample Requirement

1. Embedded specimens (epoxy resin, bakelite powder,etc.)

Cylindrical, approximately 18-25 mm in diameterand 10 mm in height. Cylindrical: diameter 25mm or32mm, height < 15mm.

2. Block sample

Length, width and height 10 × ten × a10mm square body, or a cylinder with a diameter of 25or 32mm and a height of 10mm or 15mm.

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