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Electropolishing Sample Preparation

Instrument Type:

MEP-3000; QETCH 1000 (KRISTALL 680)

Analytical Program:

Electropolishing sample preparation -- 100 CHF/sample

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Electropolishing is a surface finishing process that uses an electrolytic solution to remove surface material from a metal sample. This process is commonly used in the preparation of metal samples for analysis, particularly in the field of metallurgy and materials science.

The electropolishing process involves immersing the metal sample in an electrolytic solution and applying an electric current. The electric current causes the surface of the metal sample to dissolve, resulting in a smoother and more uniform surface finish. The electropolishing process can remove surface irregularities, such as scratches, pits, and cracks, and can also improve the sample's microstructure by removing surface defects.

Electropolishing is commonly applied in prepare EBSD and nanoindentation samples.

Representive Results

Sample Requirement

1. Surface Finish

The required surface finish depends on the specific application of the part, but in general, electropolished parts should have a surface roughness of less than 0.5 microns (20 microinches).

2. Type of material

Electropolishing is typically used on metals that are easily corroded or tarnished, such as stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. The specific type of metal being electropolished will determine the appropriate electrolyte solution and process parameters.

3. Part geometry

The shape and size of the part being electropolished will affect the effectiveness of the process. Parts with complex geometries or internal cavities may require special equipment or techniques to ensure proper electropolishing.

4. Part cleanliness

The surface of the part to be electropolished must be free of dirt, oil and other contaminants that could interfere with the process or affect the quality of the finish. Parts should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to electropolishing.

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