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FIB TEM chip in-situ heating sample preparation

Instrument Type:

FEI Helios NanoLab 600i; ZEISS Crossbeam 540

Analytical Program:

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By using FIB processing, a thin region of interest is extracted and bonded onto a chipfor in-situ heating experiments in TEM, avoiding the drawbacks of high drift rate andslow heating speed associated with previous resistance heating methods.

Representive Results

1. Lift-out TEM heating in-situ sample preparation

2.Plan-view TEM heating in-situ sample preparation

Sample Requirement

1. The sample height should not exceed 4mm. Otherwise, the sample stage needs to be lowered, and recalibration is required, which is very troublesome.

2. If you need targeted sampling, please prepare SEM localization in advance (you can entrust us with the localization)

3. We default to providing FEI MEMS-specific chips (as shown below). Please note that the chip needs to be compatible with the sample holder. Please confirm the chip type accordingly.

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