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Ferroelectric analyzer

Instrument Type:

PK-FERRO20B; ACIX TF2000E; TF Analyzer 3000

Analytical Program:

Ferroelectric analysis -- Contact us for quotation

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Ferroelectric analyzer is an instrument used to study the ferroelectric properties of materials, mainly used to measure the ferroelectric properties of materials, such as piezoelectric constant, dielectric constant, piezoelectric resonant frequency, ferroelectric domain size and direction. Ferroelectricity is a special electrical property, which has many application values, such as electronic equipment, sensors, energy storage and other fields are widely used.

Representive Results

1. The hysteresis loop of a PLZT grid at 100Hz and different voltages

Sample Requirement

1. Instrument

PK-FERRO20B, 10kV high-voltage amplifier, electrode diameter of 2-6mm; Thin film samples: diameter 10~40mm, thickness less than 0.1mm.

2. Instrument

ACIX TF2000E, 10kV high-voltage voltage; Powder (100mg), bulk/thin film: diameter below 30mm, thickness below 3mm.

3. Instrument

TF Analyzer 3000, external high-voltage amplifier with 10kV; Bulk/thin film: diameter 3mm25mm, thickness: 0.1mm-5mm.

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