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Inductively Coupled Plasma ICP-MS

Instrument Type:

EXPEC 7200

Analytical Program:

Sample pretreatment -- 20 CHF/sample

Full element analysis -- 120 CHF/sample

Selected element analysis -- 15 CHF/element

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ICP-MS is a flexible single quadrupole ICP mass spectrometer that offers excellent matrix tolerance, efficient helium collision modes, ultra-low detection limits, and a wide dynamic range. Analytical techniques used to measure concentrations of metals and other elements. Samples are usually introduced in liquid form, but ICP-MS can also be used to determine the concentration of elements in solid materials as well as gases.

Representive Results

1. Full element range analysis:ICP-MS can quantitatively detect and quantitatively measure around 65 elements that appear in the following element table with high sensitivity and reliability.

2. Determination of 14 kinds of trace elements in medicinal materials by ICP-MS

Sample Requirement

1. The total amount of dissolved solids (TDS) in the solution is <0.4%, i.e. 4000ppm(mg/L). For example, 0.2g sample was dissolved in a 50ml volumetric bottle with TDS=200mg/0.05L=4000mg/L.

2. the content of organic matter in the solution can not be too high, otherwise it will cause serious matrix effect and carbon particle deposition after combustion of organic matter and plug the cone, resulting in decreased sensitivity and stability.

3. The concentration of elements to be measured in the solution should not be too high. The count of elements (i.e. signal value) is generally less than 5000000cps, otherwise diluted. It is generally required that the element content of solid sample is less than 0.01%, and that of liquid sample is less than1ppm(Z good ≤100ppb). ICP-MS analysis mainly focuses on trace and trace analysis, not wan energy.

4. Certain acidity should be maintained in the solution to prevent precipitation after hydrolysis of metal elements. Generally, a certain concentration (1%-5%) of HNO3 is used as the medium.

5. the solution does not contain high boiling point H2SO4 and H3PO4 media, soas to avoid damage to the cone mouth, to avoid the interference of S, P brought by polyatomic ions.

6. The solution does not contain HF, otherwise it will damage the atomizer, fog chamber and cone mouth of quartz glass material. If HF is used, HF acid must be driven out by heating and other means.

7. The ICP-MS sample must be thoroughly digested without turbidity. It is better to take the supernatant for testing after being filtered by 0.45μm or 0.22μm microporous filter membrane or centrifuged.

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