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Inductively Coupled Plasma ICP-OES

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ICP-OES is an inductively coupled plasma based spectrometer for qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements. By dissolving the sample into an ionic state and injecting it into an inductively coupled plasma, it uses the excited stateand transition process of the high-temperature plasma to measure the concentration of elements in the sample. ICP-OES can analyze multiple elements at the same time and has the advantages of fast, accurate and wide coverage of elements.

Representive Results

1.ICP-OES and ICP-MS can quantitatively detect and quantitatively measure around 65 elements that appear in the following element tablewith high sensitivity and reliability

2. ICP analysis of active carbon

3. ICP analysis of metals in MOF materials

4. ICP analysis of nutrition and heavy metal concentration of bio sample

Sample Requirement

1. It is ideal to provide at least 0.05g of powder sample for sample size, and generally sample about 0.1g for test.

2. For the liquid sample, at least about 5ml should be provided. If the content of the element to be measured is high, a small amount can be provided.

3. Determination of element concentration range: 1~100 g/mL (mg/L).

4. Sample size > 2.0mL (preferably > 4mL).

5. Optical resolution ≤ 0.007nm at 200nm.

6. Detection wavelength range 165-900nm. Argon or nitrogen can be used for optical path purging for deep ultraviolet wavelengths below 190nm.

7. The solution must be a clear and transparent water solution, not contain organic solvents and other organic matter, can not be suspension, emulsion; It cannot be the ultrasonic dispersion system of nanomaterials.

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