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Laser Particle Size Distribution Analysis

Instrument Type:

Malvern Mastersizer 2000/3000

Analytical Program:

PSD try measurement -- 50 CHF/sample

PSD wet measurement -- 50 CHF/sample

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Laser particle size analyzer is a relatively universal particle size analyzer that measures the size of powder particles based on the principle of light scattering. It is characterized by wide dynamic range, fast measurement speed and convenient operation, especially suitable for measuring powder and liquid droplets with wide particle size distribution. For powders with uniform particle size, such as abrasive powders, careful selection should be made.

Representive Results

1. Laser particle size analyzer measurement results for sample

2. Analysis of Particle Size Distribution

Sample Requirement

1. The required amount of powder is 50~100mg, non-toxic, harmless, and non-radioactive.

2. For dry testing, the particle size range is 0.1μm-1500μm, providing refractive index and density of the sample.

3. For wet testing, the dispersant is usually deionized water or anhydrous ethanol, providing the density of the sample.

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