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Metallographic sample preparation: cutting, grinding, polishing and etching

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Metallographic sample preparation: cutting, grinding, polishing and etching -- 100 CHF/sample

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Metallographic sample preparation is a process of making metal samples witha high surface finish and gloss to allow the microstructure to be viewed undera microscope. The process involves cutting, setting, grinding, polishing and etching of the sample.

Representive Results

1. Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Barker

2. Carbon steel-Alcoholic nitric acid

3. Deformation of copper and copper alloy-Klemm reagents

4. High alloy steel - coloured etchant (Beraha, Lichtenegger), V2A-lye or Adler etchant with hydrochloric acid

5. High alloy steel - electrolyte etching with glycolic acid

Sample Requirement

1. The metal sample should be of sufficient size

The sample should be of sufficient size to allow for the necessary machining processes such as cutting, setting, grinding and polishing, as well as to allow the desired microstructure to be observed under the microscope.

2. The metal sample should have a flat surface

the surface of the sample shouldbe as flat as possible in order to obtain a high quality metallographic sample during the subsequent processing.

3. Metal samples should be free from surface contamination

The sample surface should be as free as possible from other impurities, contaminants etc.to avoid affecting the metallographic sample preparation and analytical results.

4. If your samples are made of special materials or if you have special requirements, please contact Universallab in advance.

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