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Micro/Nano/Industrial Computated Tomography CT

Instrument Type:

skysCan2211; ZEISS Xradia520; NIKON XTH 225/320

Analytical Program:

resolution > 1 um -- 300 CHF/scan

600 nm < resolution < 1 um -- 500 CHF/scan

300 nm < resolution < 600 nm -- 700 CHF/scan

resolution 200 nm -- 900 CHF/scan

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X-ray three-dimensional imaging, also known as Mirco CT, is a technology that uses conical X-rays to scan and analyze objects. This technology is a non-destructive 3D imaging technique that allows for a clear understanding of the internal microstructure of the sample without damaging it. Multiple quantitative analysis can be performed in one scan: material characterization, defect analysis, and internal non-destructive testing; Coupled with in-situ experimental equipment, high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, load-bearing and other environments can be coupled with CT, expanding the scope of quantitative analysis to 4D dimensions.

Representive Results

Application 1: CT of advanced materials
Application 2: CT of geological samples
Application 3: CT of bio samples

Sample Requirement

1. Sample size

The larger the sample size, the lower the achievable resolution.

2. Regarding data processing

The raw data obtained consists of dozens to thousands of two-dimensional slice images. For simple processing, the original data in three-dimensional form is provided free of charge. For advanced data analysis, specialized 3D data analysis software such as ORS or Dragonfly is required. Both the software and data volume are substantial, requiring a professional image processing workstation. It may be challenging to run on a regular computer. If data processing is required, the cost will be determined based on the specific requirements.

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