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Liquid Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR

Instrument Type:

BRUKER AVANCE 400; BRUKER AVANCEIIIHD 500; Bruker Avance NEO 600; JEOL 400M; Varian VNMRS 600 MHz

Analytical Program:

1D spectro measurement (H, C, F, P, 11B, 7Li, 29Si, DEPT45, DEPT90, DEPT135) -- 30 CHF/sample

2D spectro measurement (NOESY (H-H), COSY (H-H), HSQC (H-C), HMBC (H-C)) -- 60 CHF/sample

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Liquid nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a scientific instrument that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to detect the properties of atomic nuclei in matter. In liquid NMR machines, the sample is usually a compound dissolved in liquid. The sample is placed in a strong magnetic field, which affects the nuclei in the sample. As the radio waves pass through the sample, the nucleus absorbs energy, and these absorption frequencies can be measured. By analyzing the patterns and sizes of these frequencies, researchers can obtain much information about the sample, such as its molecular structure, chemical environment, and relative concentration.

Representive Results

1. The process of aniline formation from aniline into polyaniline was studied by liquid NMR in situ
2. Liquid NMR technique is used to study reversible addition fracture chain transfer polymerization
3. Structural characterization/analysis of organic materials
4. NMR hydrogen spectroscopy
5. NMR carbon spectroscopy

Sample Requirement

1. Powder sample

H spectrum more than 15mg, solubility more than 15mg/ml.

2. C spectrum small molecule samples

Provided more than 20mg, the solubility should be greater than 40mg/ml, macromolecular samples provided more than 50mg, the solubility should be greater than 100mg/ml.

3. More than 3ml liquid sample
4. Other elements need more than 50mg due to low natural abundance

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