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Optical Profilometer

Instrument Type:

VR-6000 series; VK-X3000 series; MicroXAM-800 Optical Profiler

Analytical Program:

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Optical Profilometer provides powerful and multifunctional non-contact optical surface measurement and analysis. Various surface types, including smooth, rough, flat, inclined, and stepped surfaces, can be measured easily and quickly, and all measurements are non-destructive, fast, and require no sample preparation. Provides professional analysis software that can accurately display and quantitatively analyze surface roughness, profile, flatness, steph eight, radius of curvature and other morphological features.

Representive Results

1. Picture of laser cutting with optical profilometer
2. Image of drilling tool taken by optical profilometer
3. White light interferometer simulates z-scan and retrieves elevation profile (blue curve)
4. Optical profilometer test sample surface three-dimensionaldiagram

Sample Requirement

1. Size

The size of the sample must be within the measuring range of the instrument and must not exceed the capacity of the instrument. At the sametime, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the shape of the sample is suitable for placing and fixing on the measuring platform so that the measurement can be performed stably.

2. Surface reflectance

The sample surface must be able to reflect light to form a clear projection profile. For specimens with too smooth surface or too strong reflection, it may be necessary to use frosted paint or reduce the brightness of the light source.

3. Material

The material of the sample must be able to transmit the light, and the requirements for reflection, scattering, and absorption of the light must be low to ensure that the light can be effectively projected and released.

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