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XRD Data Analysis

Instrument Type:


Analytical Program:

Phase identification -- 15 CHF/phase or 40 CHF/sample

Phase quantitative analysis -- 30 CHF/phase or 80 CHF/sample

Grain size -- Cutomerized quotation

Crystallization rate -- Cutomerized quotation

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XRD (X-ray diffraction) data analysis is a technique used to study the structure and composition of crystalline materials. It involves analyzing the patterns produced when X-rays interact with a sample, providing valuable information about its crystallographic properties. Advanced XRD data analysis techniques may include the use of specialized software for data processing, simulation of diffraction patterns, refinement of crystal structures, or more sophisticated quantitative analysis methods.Overall, XRD data analysis is a powerful tool in materials science, geology, chemistry, and various other fields for understanding the atomic and moleculararrangements in crystalline materials.

Representive Results

1.XRD qualitative and quantitative analysis
2.XRD structure fine analysis

Sample Requirement

Before analysis that you need to have some knowledge of the expected basic sample structure and chemical composition (e.g., the order of the layers present and their approximate composition) in order for us to provide accurate results.

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