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Powder XRD measurement

Instrument Type:

Intelligent X-ray diffractometer

Analytical Program:

Powder XRD measurement -- 1.5 CHF/min

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Powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a technique used to analyze the crystal structure of materials based on the interaction of X-rays with a powdered sample. The information that can be obtained from powder XRD results includes:‚Äč Identification of the mineral or compound present in the sample based on its unique diffraction pattern; Determination of the crystal structure and lattice parameters of the material; Comparison of experimental patterns with theoretical patterns, which can help to validate crystal structure models; Detection of impurities or phase transitions in the material; Quantitative analysis of the phases present in a mixture of compounds, such as in mineralogy or pharmaceuticals; Estimation of particle size and shape information based on peak broadening measurements.

Representive Results

1. From XRD pattern, We can get the composition of the mixture and its content

Sample Requirement

1. Powder or bulk.

2. The sample length should be at least 3-5 mm along the X-ray direction.

3. The weight of the powder sample at least 500mg

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