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Rocking Curve (RC)

Instrument Type:

Intelligent X-ray diffractometer

Analytical Program:

X-ray rocking curve measurement -- 2 CHF/min

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X-ray rocking curve measurement is a technique used to assess crystal quality and structural properties. It involves measuring the intensity distribution of X-rays diffracted from a crystal as the incident angle is varied. The rocking curve provides information about crystal imperfections, lattice orientation, and crystal volume. It is widely used in materials science and semiconductor research.

Representive Results

1. rocking curve patterns of SiGe film epitaxially grown on top of an Si (001) substrate

Sample Requirement

1. Flat sample surface
2. The sample length should be at least 3-5 mm along the X-ray direction.
3. Maximum sample wafer around 4 inch.
4. Maximum film thickness around 300nm.

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