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Single Crystal X-ray Diffractometers (SC XRD)

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Single crystal XRD is a type of X-ray diffraction method that collects data from a single crystal, solves the crystal structure, and obtains a series of data such as bond length and bond angle.

Representive Results

1.Synthesis of the scandium chloride hydrates ScCl3·3H2O and Sc2Cl4(OH)2·12H2O and their characterization by X-ray diffraction, 45Sc NMR spectroscopy.
2. Structurally diverse heterobimetallic Pb(II)-Salen complexes.
3. Display of cell parameters.

Sample Requirement

1. Sample Size

It is best to choose 3-5 grains of regular geometric shape, transparent single crystal is appropriate. Specific requirements are as follows:

-- Pure organic matter: 0.3-0.7mm

-- Metal complexes or metallic organics: 0.15-0.5mm

-- Pure inorganic material :0.1-0.3mm

2. Others

According to the stability of the sample, determine whether to test at room temperature or low temperature. Low temperature can be tested in the temperature range of 80K-400K.

Other Features, e.g., crystal samples are generally insoluble in water.

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