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SEM/EBSD in-situ Tensile Stage

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Analytical Program:

SEM in-situ tensile test -- Contact us for quotation

SEM in-situ compression test -- Contact us for quotation

EBSD in-situ tensile test -- Contact us for quotation

EBSD in-situ compression test -- Contact us for quotation

SEM in-situ fracture test -- Contact us for quotation

SEM in-situ high-temperature test -- Contact us for quotation

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SEM/EBSD(scanningelectronmicroscopy/electronbackscatter diffraction) in situ tensile testing is a materialtesting method that combines scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) techniquesto study the microscopic behavior of materials under stress.Through SEM/EBSD in-situ tensile testing, the deformationand fracture behavior of materials at different strain levelscan be observed in real-time. EBSD technology can providecrystal orientation information of materials, including crystalorientation distribution, orientation evolution, and crystal slipbehavior. This method can also study the plastic deformationmechanism, stress distribution, and the influence of crystalorientation on fracture behavior of materials.

Application range:

Apply SEM in-situ tensile stage can conduct:

SEM/EBSD in-situ tensile or compressive test toresearch the plasticity and fracture of materials duringtensile loading

SEM/EBSD in-situ compressive test

SEM in-situ high temperature tensile/compressive test

SEM 3-point bending or fracture test

Representive Results

1. Ti alloys SEM/EBSD in-situ tensile test
2. 3D printed (addictive manufactured) stainless steelSEM EBSD in-situ tensile test

Sample Requirement

The sample is block shaped and can remain stable in vacuum. Samples containing moisture should be dried first to remove moisture, or treated using critical point drying equipment.

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