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Sample Imbedding

Instrument Type:

ZXQ01; LHM-3000; XQ-2B

Analytical Program:

Non conductive hot imbedding -- 25 CHF/sample

Conductive hot imbedding -- 50 CHF/sample

Non conductive cold imbedding -- 25 CHF/sample

Conductive cold imbedding -- 50 CHF/sample

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Specimen embedding is a process used in microscopy and other laboratory techniques to prepare specimens for analysis.

Specimen mounting involves embedding the specimen in a solid material, such as resin or paraffin wax, to provide support and stability during cutting, grinding, and polishing. The embedding material is selected based on the type of sample being analyzed and the requirements of the analytical technique.

Specimen embedding is used in a wide range of applications, including histology, pathology, and materials science. It allows samples to be precisely sectioned and polished for detailed analysis using microscopes and other analytical tools.

Representive Results

Sample Requirement

By providing information, Universallab can determine the best embedding technique to use and provide an accurate quote for the service.

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