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Tensile Test at High Temperature

Instrument Type:

Instron 5582

Analytical Program:

22℃<T≤200℃ -- 80 CHF/sample

200℃<T≤300℃ -- 80 CHF/sample

300℃<T≤500℃ -- 100 CHF/sample

500℃<T≤700℃ -- 120 CHF/sample

700℃<T≤800℃ -- 140 CHF/sample

800℃<T≤1000℃ -- 180 CHF/sample

1000℃<T≤1100℃ -- 240 CHF/sample

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Tensile Tes at High Temperature is an experimentused to test the ductility and tensile strength ofmaterials at high temperatures. In the test, thespecimen is usually placed in a high temperatureenvironment and subjected to a certain amount oftension. As the temperature increases, the moleculesof the material begin to become more active, makingthem more susceptible to deformation, resulting in anincrease in the ductility of the material. At the sametime, the mechanical properties of materials, such asYoung's modulus and yield strength, also change in ahigh-temperature environment.

Representive Results

1.non- contact video extensometer
2.Heating oven 1
1.Heating oven 2 with extensometer

Sample Requirement

1. The length of the sample should be at least 4times its diameter.
2. The diameter or width of the sample should bebetween 2mm and 10mm.
3. The thickness of the sample should be between0.5mm and 2mm.

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