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Tensile Test at Low Temperature

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77K ≤ T < room temperature -- 140 CHF/sample

4.2K ≤ T < 77K -- 2000 CHF/sample

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Low-Temperature Tensile Testing is a materials testing method used to evaluate the mechanical properties and toughness of materials at low temperatures. This type of testing typically involves placing material specimens in a low-temperature environment and applying a force at a specified tensile rate to measure the deformation and fracture behavior of the material at low temperatures.The purpose of low-temperature tensile testing is to evaluate the performance of materials under low-temperature conditions, such as their application in extremely cold climates or refrigeration equipment.This test can provide information on the stress-strain behavior, ductility, fracture toughness, and fracture strength of materials at low temperatures. This information is critical for selecting appropriate materials, designing parts and structures, and predicting the life and reliability of materials in low-temperature environments.

Representive Results

Stress-strain curve of CoCrFeNi At differenttemperatures

Sample Requirement

1. For metal materials, the standard sample size is 25mm x 5mm x 1mm, but other sizes are available.

2. For polymer materials, commonly used sample sizes are 80mm x 10mm x 4mm or prepared according to ASTM standard D638.

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