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Thermal Conductivity Measurement

Instrument Type:

LFA 467 Hyper Flash

Analytical Program:

Thermal conductivity measurement first temperature point -- 100 CHF/temperature point

Thermal conductivity measurement temperature point > 1 -- 40 CHF/additional temperature point

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LFA 467 Hyper Flash is a thermal analysis instrument that measures thermal properties of materials such as thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat capacity, etc. It uses the flash method to test the heat conduction properties of materials in a very short time.

Representive Results

1. Measurements of copper samples of different thicknesses are measured using a thermal conductivity tester. The tester can successfully test samples with very high thermal diffusivity, even if the sample is very thin.
2. The figure shows a comparative test of thermal diffusion coefficients of silver samples of different thicknesses. At the test temperature of 300K, the deviation of test results of samples of different thicknesses (from thin to thick) is within ┬▒3% compared with the literature value.

Sample Requirement

1. Sample dimensions

Diameter 12.5-12.8mm, thickness 2mm, flat top and bottom surfaces. Please provide us sample density.

2. The equipment has a maximum temperature of 1200 and operates under an┬░Cargon gas atmosphere.

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