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Thermogravimetric analysis TG (TG-DSC, TG-DTA)

Instrument Type:


Analytical Program:

TG (heating to 600°C at 10°C/min) -- 30 CHF/sample

TG-DSC (heating to 600°C at 10°C/min) -- 40 CHF/sample

TG-DTA (heating to 600°C at 10°C/min) -- 40 CHF/sample

Other (e.g. heating to 900°C/1000°C, at different heating rate) -- Contact us for quotation

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TG thermogravimetric analysis is a thermal analysis technique that measures the relationship between the mass of the sample to be tested and the temperature change at a programmed temperature. It can be used to study the thermal stability and composition of materials. DSC curves can measure various thermodynamic and kinetic parameters, such as heat capacity, enthalpy change, the heat of reaction, phase diagram, reaction rate, crystallization rate, polymercrystallinity, sample linearity, etc.

Representive Results

1.TG-DSC analysis
2.TG-DTA analysis

Sample Requirement

1. The sample must be a uniform powder or film, with stability and repeatability, without significant thermochemical reaction and decomposition products.
2. The sample must have good thermal stability and must not be susceptible to decomposition and volatilization at high temperatures.
3. The quality of the sample should be large enough to ensure the representativeness of the measurement results.

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