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X-ray Reflectometer (XRR)

Instrument Type:

Intelligent X-ray diffractometer

Analytical Program:

Sample treatment -- 20 CHF/sample

Full element analysis -- 160 CHF/sample

Selected element analysis -- 15 CHF/sample

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X-ray reflectometer (XRR) is an analytical technique used to study thin-layer structures, surfaces, and interfaces using the total external reflection effect of X-rays. Reflectors are used to characterize single - and multilayer structures and coatings in magnetic, semiconductor and optical materials.

Representive Results

1. X-ray reflection patterns of superlattices glass.
2. X-ray reflectivity for the SLD profile.
3. Reflectivity patterns (black points) measured for the bulk Si (substrate) and 25, 50, and 75 nm titanium dioxide layers deposited on the Si substrate compared with theoretical patterns modelled and fitted.

Sample Requirement

1.Flat sample surface.

2.Sample surface roughness & Surface and interface roughness<5nm.

3.There are significant differences in substance or electron density between membranes and substrates, or between different membranes.

4.The sample length should be at least 3-5 mm along the X-ray direction.

5.Maximum film thickness around 300nm.

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