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X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer

Instrument Type:

Escalab Xi+

Analytical Program:

non magnetic material (=< 5 elements) -- 60 CHF/sample

magnetic material (=< 5 elements) -- 100 CHF/sample

> 5 elements -- 15 CHF/additional element

Auger spectrum -- 20 CHF/element

Valence band spectrum -- 20 CHF/element

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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) is an advanced analytical technique in the microscopic analysis of electronic materials and components, and is often used in conjunction with Auger electron spectroscopy (AES). Because it can measure the inner electron binding energy and chemical shift of atoms more accurately than the Auger electron spectroscopy technique, it can not only provide information about molecular structure and valence states for chemical research, but also provide information about the elemental composition and content, chemical state, molecular structure and chemical bond of various compounds for the study of electronic materials. In the analysis of electronic materials, it can provide not only general chemical information, but also surface, micro region and depth distribution information. In addition, because the X-ray beam incident on the surface of the sample is a photon beam, it has very little damage to the sample, which is very advantageous for the analysis of organic and polymer materials.

Representive Results

1. Angle-resolved testing of monochromatic Al targets

2. XPS of Si element from surface to silicon substrate of mono-SiO2 passivation samples before and after low-energy electron radiation

Sample Requirement

1. The area of the solid sample is ≤1.0 cm2 (<8*8mm), the height (thickness) is ≤1.0mm, the thickness is 6mm, and there is a plane. X-ray proofing depth: 1-10nm.

2. Powder solid sample 10-100mg.

3. The samples are required to be vacuum-dried and free from corrosive, volatile, magnetic and radioactive substances.

4. Please indicate the storage conditions of the samples (conventional, dry, frozen, refrigerated, protected from light or others).

5. XPS data analysis can get the valence state and semi-quantitative data of elements. Elements with an atomic percent content of less than 5% may not detect a significant signal.

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