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XRD Grain Size Measurement

Instrument Type:

Intelligent X-ray diffractometer

Analytical Program:

XRD grain size measurement -- Contact us for quotation

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X-ray diffractometer is to use the crystal structure of the material to diffract the incident X-ray. By analyzing the diffraction pattern, the grain size and distribution can be calculated.

Representive Results

XRD patterns of the studied asphaltene samples

Sample Requirement

1. The sample must be a solid crystal, either in powder form or in thin film or single crystal form.

2. In order to ensure the clarity and accuracy of the diffraction pattern, the surface of the sample should not have obvious defects such as bump, bubble and crack.

3. The sample needs to have sufficient crystallinity, that is, the crystal quality is good, otherwise the diffraction summit is weak and difficult to parse.

4. The crystal structure of the sample must be known or can be compared and analyzed by standard reference.

5. Samples usually require crystal sizes ranging from a few nanometers to tens of microns.

6. The surface of the sample must be smooth to ensure that X-ray penetration and reflection are not interfered with.

7. The shape and size of the sample should be suitable for the specification and size of the testing instrument.

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